Newberry POOL

The Newberry Pool is a shared amenity between the Newberry HOA and Newberry Commons HOA. There is a separate board that handles all operations of the Pool that consists of members of Newberry Homes and Newberry Commons. If you are interested in participating on the Pool Board, please email Shelley (email address below).

We have been monitoring the county’s guidelines for reopening and and want to bring you this update. Last week Jackson County released the specifics for phase 2 of their reopening.  With this new information larger gatherings are allowed and swimming pools can reopen with limits.We are required to complete and follow social distancing procedures as well.
Our awesome pool company, Olympic Pool, has been working hard to get our pool ready to open whenever we have the green light. So, under the current Phase 2 reopening guidelines the pool will be opening this Monday June 1st at 10 am with new rules and social distancing as required by Jackson County. 
Please remember even though the pool is for use of the Newberry HOA and Newberry Commons residents only, we are required to follow all county/city/state guidelines.  
Pool cards will automatically be activated for all residents that are current on their dues. Each homeowner is allowed 1 card. If you need a replacement card please contact Centennial Management.

As previously mentioned there will be many changes necessary this year and in order to keep the pool open we will need 100% compliance from everyone, no exceptions. We realize this pool season will be different than in years past, but if we all work together and make necessary changes we can hopefully enjoy the pool this summer.     

Here are some of the additional new rules that will be implemented for the pool to open and remain open this season.  With such a fluid situation please understand all rules are subject to change. 

1.   Delayed opening:  Current opening day Monday June 1, 2020. Daily pools hours will be 10am – 9pm. 
3.  SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED. No more than 30 people total will be allowed in the  enclosed fenced pool area.  The county strongly recommends that all residents stay 6 feet from others.  At this time we are asking you to self-monitor and we will also monitor occupancy via our pool cameras.  If this does not work we we implement a sign up system to reserve pool time. 
4.  With occupancy limits and social distancing requirements NO OUTSIDE GUESTS WILL BE ALLOWED until further notice to allow more Newberry residents use of the pool.

5. No lounge chairs or tables will be provided due to disinfectant requirements. Residents are allowed to bring their own chair for own use.
6.  No food or drink, other than water, inside fenced pool area. 
7. Swim at own risk 

8. Zero tolerance policy.  Pool privileges will be revoked immediately for any violations. 
9. To allow more residents use of the pool we have suspended Thursday Adult Swim night until further notice
10. Everyone has their own key card to enter the pool. Do not open the gates for anyone whose key doesn’t work. Encourage them to call Centennial Management. Opening the gate for others will result in loss of pool privileges.

These rules are in addition to and update age requirement to existing pool rules. We can not stress enough that in order for the pool to remain open everyone needs to abide by all of the rules. 

Due to additional liability associated with COVID-19, the new restrictions are set up to help keep all the homeowners safe.

These rules are in addition to and update age requirement to existing pool rules. We can not stress enough that in order for the pool to remain open everyone needs to abide by all of the rules. 
Additional information can be found at  (Newberry Homes) on the Amenities page or contact Centennial Management, Shelley, at shelley@cmckc/com or 913-563-4723.

Please keep in mind your pool board members are your neighbors who volunteer their time to help our community and we are doing everything we can, along with Centennial Management and Olympic Pool, to ensure we have a safe and fun summer. 

-Newberry Pool Board-

Newberry Pool Rules/Member Responsibilities

  • All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at least 18 years of age. No exceptions. This a a safety and liability issue.
  • Newberry Residents (Homes and Commons) only.  No Guests.
  • WARNING – No Diving & No Lifeguard on Duty – Swim at your own risk!
  • Pool Hours – Daily 10:00am – 9:00pm.
  • If your dues are not current, your access to the pool will be denied until you fulfill your obligation. No exceptions!
  • Swim diapers are required for all children not potty trained.
  • Swim apparel only – No cutoffs or other types of clothing permitted.
  • No smoking, glass containers or alcoholic beverages in or around the Pool Fence Area.
  • No food or drink besides water inside the Pool Fence Area.
  • No running or excessive horseplay in the Pool Area.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Pool Fence Area unless they are licensed assist animals (which cannot be in the pool).
  • The Pool cannot be reserved for private parties.
  • In case of Emergency call 911. For non-emergency police assistance please call 816- 969-7390.
  • For problems with the pool contact Centennial at 913-648-1500 x 123 or x 126.
  • The pool is a privilege of living in our community and it is the responsibility of all residents to ensure its quality. Please do your part to maintain our quality amenities.
    Newberry Pool Association
    c/o Centennial Management Company
    Pool Regulations Enforcement Policy

It is the intent of the Board of Directors to establish a policy that owners are subject to monetary charges for violations, and that owners will be made responsible for their actions and the actions of their guests or tenants while on Association property. (The Board reserves the right to modify the procedures listed below, if warranted, on a case-by-case basis.) During the COVID-19 reopening plan, there will be a zero-tolerance policy regarding the rules and restrictions.

  • 1st offense: The homeowner and/or resident will receive a written notice (email/mail). Pool card will be turned off
  • 2nd offense: A $25 fine will be issued to the homeowner.
    Pool card will be turned off
  • 3rd offense: A $50 fine will be issued to the homeowner.
    Pool card will be turned off
  • The following violations will result in suspension for the remainder of the season and an additional $75 fine:
  • Violation resulting in injury to someone at the pool.
  • Having alcohol at the pool.
  • Letting someone in the pool area who does not have a key card.

Please remember all pool card are obtained and activated through Centennial Management. The pool board does not have any access to hand our or activate cards.


If you need a wide open space for your activity of choice, then the Multi-Use Field is just for you. This field, located at 15th and Cape provides a safe and open space for football, soccer, kickball, wiffle ball, and Frisbee players. Field use is on a first come, first serve basis.

All neighborhood social events will be held at this location, unless otherwise noted.