There have been many questions regarding where the COVID-19 restrictions came from. The pool board wanted to share the reasoning to help the community better understand. Know this is not a permanent change, we are just trying to get through the COVID-19 pandemic with the information that is being provided on a fluid basis.
This year with COVID-19 in order to open the pool for this 2020 season and create a safe swim environment, many changes had to be implemented. These changes were:
·Limiting the number of residents at the Pool within the fence at a given time.·Requiring Social Distancing·Requiring minors to be accompanied by parents or guardians over the age of 18.·Removing the pool furniture and moving to Bring Your Own furniture due to lack of ability to frequently disinfect·Additional disinfecting procedures for high touch surfaces (restrooms)·Not allowing food or drink – other than water – within the pool fence.·No guests – Residents only.
The Pool Board consulted with many sources including the Jackson County Health Department, Jackson County Recovery plan, the Community Association of Pools, Centennial Management, and took the lead with our pool contractor Olympic Pool when making all the decisions regarding necessary changes for the pool this summer. The changes in restrictions is the plan that was submitted to Jackson County by Olympic Pool and was approved by Jackson County. Many of the neighboring communities are following the same or similar restrictions.
For liability reasons, the board determined this to be the most effective way of controlling all the necessary changes in order to keep the pool open. We hope that as community immunity to COVID-19 occurs, we will be able to make adjustments for future swim seasons.
Thank you for your patience and adhering to the guidelines to allow us to keep the pool open.